Scented Weddings

Ambiant fragrances that makes your guests feel warmly welcomed, scented candles that enhance your atmosphere and add elegance to your decor; from wedding gifts that will make your day memorable forever, to perfumes that complement your beauty, every detail for an unforgettable day. La Fann accompanies your unforgettable memories and happiness with its fragrances.

Your wedding day is a celebration of one of the most special moments of your life; a day filled with loving memories, happiness and romance. Every detail of this magnificent day is meticulously prepared. La Fann provides the finishing touch for a perfect wedding reception.

Your fragrance shall dance with you all night long.

It is important to choose the right perfume to complement your look on your most special day. Your perfume should match your personality, the wedding season, your wedding dress and even your bouquet. Although your fragrance will be shaped according to your concept, fresh and floral scents for summer weddings reflect romance and vibrancy, while warmer and deeper scents may be preferred for winter weddings. For a long night, a perfume with an intense and more lasting effect will be the right choice. La Fann Secret Garden Parfum Intense, created with the perfect harmony of fresh romantic flowers and refreshing fruits, is ideal for summer invitations. If you have decided to say yes in winter, Especially For You Extrait de Parfum, an elegant and impressive option, will remind you of romance and love with its notes of rose, iris flower, vanilla and musk and will last you all day long. Don’t forget to try the perfume a few times on clean skin before your special day, preferably in the morning.

On your wedding day, La Fann guides you on choosing the perfume that suits your style and personality. A lasting fragrance that integrates with your unique style and the occasion will accompany your unforgettable moments as you dance the night away.

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Fragrances that give life to your wedding venue.

On your special day, the fragrance of the venue you choose is an important detail to give your guests an emotional experience. By using ambient fragrances, you can elevate the atmosphere of the venue and add elegance to your decoration. You can add a scent to every moment with La Fann Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers, which are selected and designed especially for your day. The scents that enliven the day host your happiness and accompany you throughout the day.

Customized wedding favors will make your day unforgetable.

Wedding favors that makes your day unforgettable and carries your personal design makes every guest feel special. La Fann fragrance experts create the fragrance of your day especially for you, while sharing your happiness that will last forever. A candle or cologne waiting for them at their table, reflecting the design of the invitation and carrying the special scent of the day, will leave a mark that will always be remembered. At La Fann, you can personalize your wedding favors and create a memory that will always be cherished.