Our Mission

The fragrance is like an identity. It is a must-have of a house and the only thing that can make a person feel every emotion. La Fann will be the new point of those who want to discover the identity of that fragrance to which it belongs.

La Fann shows purity, naturalness and beauty with an artistic perspective and feels the elegance and power of women in its products.
Our commitment to our values takes us beyond the standards. If your path crosses with La Fann, you are in the butterfly effect and you are now a brand ambassador.

We have combined the inspiration we have received from women who are as elegant as butterflies but who stand so strong against life in a kindness project. Since the beginning of our journey, we had a purpose. As the La Fann butterfly flies, it touches everyone and distributes the pollen of goodness.

With the income of the products you bought worldwide, LA FANN is donating to ‘Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV) – “Ilayda Yarcan Strong Girls, Brighter Tomorrows Foundation’, we support the education of young girls. Thanks to this, we hope for young girls who want to develop in different professions in our country. We include everyone who crosses paths with La Fann is in this kindness project. That’s a Butterfly Effect…

Our Values

La Fann believes that the power of women will change the world. It reflects love in its products with an inclusive and ethical approach.

There is no place for discrimination, it adopts to be a bridge between differences. And La Fann believes that this transformation will begin with women. It is the goal to feel and make you feel good in the world of La Fann.