Little Luxuries Home Gift Set Amber & Patchouli Reed Diffuser 100ml and Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle 70g


The Mini Luxuries Home Gift Set is perfect for discovering the scent that suits your home, filling your ambience with warmth and giving your loved ones a gift that makes them feel special. This special set includes the Amber & Patchouli Reed Diffuser, a blend of deep patchouli and mysterious amber, and the Tobacco & Vanilla Scented Candle, a rich combination of smoky tobacco leaves and sweet vanilla.


Reed Diffuser:
1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro-2,3,8,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthyl)ethan-1-one, Linalool, Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, Cinnamaldehyde,
1-(1,2,3,4,6,7,8,8a-octahydro-2,3,8,8-tetramethyl-2- naphthyl)ethan-1-one, Eugenol, Cineole, -methyl-1,3-benzodioxole-5-propionaldehyde, Alpha-iso-Methylionone.

Scented Candle:
1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro-2,3,8,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthyl)ethan-1-one, Eugenol, Linalool, Pin-2(3)-ene, Caryophyllene, isoeugenol.

How Does It Work

Reed Diffuser:

Place your 21 cm x 4mm fiber sticks into the 100 ml glass diffuser bottle to absorb the diffuser essence. To increase the density of the scent turn the stickes over once a day. Less sticks diffuse less fragrance. We recommend 3 pcs per 100 ml glass bottle.

Scented Candle:

When using the candle for the first time, leave it burning until the top layer of wax is completely liquid in order to prevent “tunneling”. To have even and smoke free burning trim the wix to 0.5 cm before each use. Do not burn the candle to the bottom, leave 5 mm to avoid damage to the casing and the surface on which the candle stands. Do not burn the candle longer than 4 hours at a time to preserve the scent and enjoy your candle longer. Fix the wick with your hand before re-lighting the candle, then light it.


Open the doors of an inviting home to your loved ones with the mini luxury home set that combines elegance and magnificent scents.

Set Includes:
Amber & Patchouli Stick Room Fragrance 100ml
Tobacco & Vanilla Scented Candle 70g

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    The composition of warm, aromatic tobacco leaves and sweet vanilla, with a distinctive spice finish creates complex aura.

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Little Luxuries Home Gift Set Amber & Patchouli Reed Diffuser 100ml and Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle 70g